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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is gas heating cheaper than reverse cycle air conditioning?

A: Surprisingly, no! A recent study at Melbourne University has concluded that, due to the increasing price of gas, using your reverse cycle air conditioner in heat mode is considerably cheaper and making the switch may dramatically cut your heating costs. This news article on the ABC News website has more information.  

Reverse cycle air conditioners cheaper to run than gas heating, report finds - ABC News

Q: What is the difference between evaporative and refrigerated cooling?

A: Evaporative cooling works with water being dispersed over four pads, the fan brings in outside air through the water covered pads to give you the cooling effect. Evaporative cooling will drop the temp around 8 - 10 degrees.  They don't work very well on humid days.

Refrigerated is able to bring the temperature down to a dedicated set point. Even if the temperature is 40 degrees outside and your set point is 22 degrees, it will be able to bring the temperature to 22 degrees.

Q: Can I get add on cooling to my existing ducted heater?

A: Yes and no. It depends on your heater,  if your model of ducted heater fan capacity if rated high enough you can,  however for cooling, the duct sizes are required to be upgraded as cold air is heavier and harder for the fan to move.

Q: How long does a service take?

A: A general service takes around an hour to a hour and a half.

Q: What is an inverter?

A: An inverter is a compressor which is able to ramp up and down according to the amount of cooling/heating required.  If you require to drop the room 5 degrees it will run harder drawing more power,  however once it gets closer to the set-point it uses less power to get to the required set-point, helping keep energy bills down.